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Vieux Stockist Gold Coast – James and West


The culmination of over 35 years industry experience, Vieux is the realisation of a bold and unending desire to craft the finest luxury eyewear.

Combining a rich history of artisanal craftsmanship, industry-leading product design and a palette of precious materials Vieux creates wearable pieces of art. Each frame is handcrafted by our trusted artisans. Every piece is given the utmost attention and care, ensuring lasting, collectible quality.

Creating elegant statement pieces is a guiding principle in the Vieux design philosophy. Every pair must evoke a sense of purpose and deliberate design. However, there is no form without function. Our frames are meticulously crafted with comfort and wearability as a guiding principle. We utilise robust yet lightweight materials and naturally sculpted facades to ensure every frame is a perfect fit.

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Le Chelle in Pink TortLe Chelle in Pink Tort
Le Chelle in Pink Tort Sale price$300.00
Tempest in Champagne
Tempest in Champagne Sale price$300.00
Sold outVersaille Rocky Road
Versaille Rocky Road Sale price$300.00
Chartreux in NoirChartreux in Noir
Chartreux in Noir Sale price$400.00
Versaille in NoirVersaille in Noir
Versaille in Noir Sale price$400.00
La Cite in NoirLa Cite in Noir
La Cite in Noir Sale price$400.00
Bayonne in Noir
Bayonne in Noir Sale price$400.00
Sold outTempest in Brown Grad LIMITED EDITION
Sold outChartreaux BoneChartreaux Bone
Chartreaux Bone Sale price$300.00
Bayonne BoneBayonne Bone
Bayonne Bone Sale price$300.00
Sold outBayonne Olive GroveBayonne Olive Grove
Bayonne Olive Grove Sale price$300.00
Le Chelle in CottonLe Chelle in Cotton
Le Chelle in Cotton Sale price$280.00
St Tropez in Choc Tort
St Tropez in Choc Tort Sale price$300.00
Sold outVersaille in Choc Tort
Versaille in Choc Tort Sale price$300.00
Cote De Azure Champagne
Cote De Azure Champagne Sale price$340.00
Lourve CottonLourve Cotton
Lourve Cotton Sale price$340.00
Sold outLourve Midnight
Lourve Midnight Sale price$340.00
Sold outVesere BoneVesere Bone
Vesere Bone Sale price$300.00
Mont Saint Michael in ChampagneMont Saint Michael in Champagne
Sold outLourve in Maple
Lourve in Maple Sale price$340.00
Sold outLe Chelle - Milk TortLe Chelle - Milk Tort
Le Chelle - Milk Tort Sale price$280.00
Sold outCote De Azure Cotton
Cote De Azure Cotton Sale price$340.00
Vesere - Matte BlackVesere - Matte Black
Vesere - Matte Black Sale price$300.00
St Jean - Cherry ColaSt Jean - Cherry Cola
St Jean - Cherry Cola Sale price$300.00
Sold outModa - Olive Brown
Moda - Olive Brown Sale price$300.00
Lourve - Champagne
Lourve - Champagne Sale price$340.00
Sold outLa Cite - OreoLa Cite - Oreo
La Cite - Oreo Sale price$300.00
Sold outLa Cite - BiscuitLa Cite - Biscuit
La Cite - Biscuit Sale price$300.00
Vesere in Milk TortVesere in Milk Tort
Vesere in Milk Tort Sale price$300.00
Sold outSt Tropez - ButterscotchSt Tropez - Butterscotch
St Tropez - Butterscotch Sale price$300.00
Bayonne - Choc TortBayonne - Choc Tort
Bayonne - Choc Tort Sale price$300.00
Bayonne - ChampagneBayonne - Champagne
Bayonne - Champagne Sale price$300.00
Bayonne - MidnightBayonne - Midnight
Bayonne - Midnight Sale price$300.00
Sold outSt Jean - Lemon Mocha
St Jean - Lemon Mocha Sale price$300.00
Sold outVersaille - BoneVersaille - Bone
Versaille - Bone Sale price$300.00
Chartreux - Cotton
Chartreux - Cotton Sale price$300.00
Sold outSanctum - Creme
Sanctum - Creme Sale price$300.00
Sold outSanctum - Milk Tort
Sanctum - Milk Tort Sale price$300.00