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Boteh presents a nostalgic selection of swimwear and beach essentials that pays homage to traditional methods, versatile shapes, and vibrant colors. With a blend of artisanal patterns, functional design, and mindful craftsmanship, Boteh infuses each piece with a sense of refined comfort for women to adore, explore, and embrace in their daily lives.

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Petale Wide Leg PantPetale Wide Leg Pant
Petale Wide Leg Pant Sale price$300.00
Petale Off Shoulder CropPetale Off Shoulder Crop
Petale Off Shoulder Crop Sale price$250.00
Bon Bon Silk Palazzo ShortBon Bon Silk Palazzo Short
Bon Bon Silk Palazzo Short Sale price$350.00
Bon Bon Silk Smock ShirtBon Bon Silk Smock Shirt
Bon Bon Silk Smock Shirt Sale price$450.00
Sold outBon Bon Poeme BlouseBon Bon Poeme Blouse
Bon Bon Poeme Blouse Sale price$280.00
Bon Bon Wide Leg PantBon Bon Wide Leg Pant
Bon Bon Wide Leg Pant Sale price$300.00
Bon Bon Maxi Bodice DressBon Bon Maxi Bodice Dress
Bon Bon Maxi Bodice Dress Sale price$360.00
Bon Bon Maxi Smock DressBon Bon Maxi Smock Dress
Bon Bon Maxi Smock Dress Sale price$450.00
Petale Poeme BlousePetale Poeme Blouse
Petale Poeme Blouse Sale price$340.00
Petale Shirred Bodice Maxi DressPetale Shirred Bodice Maxi Dress
Petale Maxi Smock DressPetale Maxi Smock Dress
Petale Maxi Smock Dress Sale price$450.00
La Ponche Paperbag Short in WhiteLa Ponche Paperbag Short in White
La Ponche Paperbag Pant in BisqueLa Ponche Paperbag Pant in Bisque
La Ponche Shirt in BisqueLa Ponche Shirt in Bisque
La Ponche Shirt in Bisque Sale price$230.00
La Ponche Paperbag Short in BisqueLa Ponche Paperbag Short in Bisque
Bon Bon Panayiota One PieceBon Bon Panayiota One Piece
Bon Bon Panayiota One Piece Sale price$300.00
Bon Bon High Waisted PantBon Bon High Waisted Pant
Bon Bon High Waisted Pant Sale price$150.00
Bon Bon Francesc BraletteBon Bon Francesc Bralette
Bon Bon Francesc Bralette Sale price$140.00
Bon Bon Isavella PantBon Bon Isavella Pant
Bon Bon Isavella Pant Sale price$130.00
Bon Bon Paz Tri TopBon Bon Paz Tri Top
Bon Bon Paz Tri Top Sale price$130.00
Marguerite Maxi Smock DressMarguerite Maxi Smock Dress
Marguerite Maxi Smock Dress Sale price$420.00
Ra Nevis Fine Strap One PieceRa Nevis Fine Strap One Piece
La Ponche Frill DressLa Ponche Frill Dress
La Ponche Frill Dress Sale price$280.00
Florimonde Zoe One PieceFlorimonde Zoe One Piece
Florimonde Zoe One Piece Sale price$300.00
Florimonde Lizzy Tie-SideFlorimonde Lizzy Tie-Side
Florimonde Lizzy Tie-Side Sale price$120.00
Florimonde Paz TriFlorimonde Paz Tri
Florimonde Paz Tri Sale price$140.00
Sold outJeanne Embroidered BlouseJeanne Embroidered Blouse
Jeanne Embroidered Blouse Sale price$360.00
Sold outPantaléon Swing BlousePantaléon Swing Blouse
Pantaléon Swing Blouse Sale price$320.00
Alvita Boy ShortAlvita Boy Short
Alvita Boy Short Sale price$245.00
Alvita Palazzo PantAlvita Palazzo Pant
Alvita Palazzo Pant Sale price$390.00
Sold outAlvita Backless BodiceAlvita Backless Bodice
Alvita Backless Bodice Sale price$310.00
Ra Kleio One Shoulder One PieceRa Kleio One Shoulder One Piece
Sold outRa Stelia BraletteRa Stelia Bralette
Ra Stelia Bralette Sale price$130.00
Save $60.00Cravat One PieceCravat One Piece
Cravat One Piece Sale price$240.00 Regular price$300.00
Ra ZaZa Pant in BlackRa ZaZa Pant in Black
Ra ZaZa Pant in Black Sale price$100.00
Ra Zoe One PieceRa Zoe One Piece
Ra Zoe One Piece Sale price$250.00
Sold outRa Pania High Waisted Pant with BeltRa Pania High Waisted Pant with Belt
Sold outRa Adri Tri with RingsRa Adri Tri with Rings
Ra Adri Tri with Rings Sale price$110.00
Save $100.00La Ponche Paper Bag Short in blackLa Ponche Paper Bag Short in black
La Ponche Paper Bag Short in black Sale price$100.00 Regular price$200.00
Es Canar Lizzy PantEs Canar Lizzy Pant
Es Canar Lizzy Pant Sale price$75.00
Sold outRa Isavella PantRa Isavella Pant
Ra Isavella Pant Sale price$90.00
Ra Freddy UnderwireRa Freddy Underwire
Ra Freddy Underwire Sale price$140.00
Sold outRa Theo One PieceRa Theo One Piece
Ra Theo One Piece Sale price$250.00
Sold outRa Andri Tri
Ra Andri Tri Sale price$90.00
Ra Fine Stelia BraletteRa Fine Stelia Bralette
Ra Fine Stelia Bralette Sale price$120.00
La Ponche Shirt WhiteLa Ponche Shirt White
La Ponche Shirt White Sale price$220.00