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Under the Creative Direction of Lesleigh Jermanus, the Australian based talent, draws on her Lebanese heritage delivering a contemporary wardrobe of optimistic prints, patchworks and embroideries. Alémais, is a brand striving for transparent and sustainable practices, that celebrates artisanal techniques and natural fibres. It is about creating and curating a collection that supports artisanal communities, that reduces environmental impact and treats its suppliers with honesty and respect.

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Sold outRummy PantRummy Pant
Rummy Pant Sale price$495.00
Rummy ShirtRummy Shirt
Rummy Shirt Sale price$465.00
Pinball Midi DressPinball Midi Dress
Pinball Midi Dress Sale price$795.00
Pinball Linen ShortPinball Linen Short
Pinball Linen Short Sale price$285.00
Pinball Linen ShirtPinball Linen Shirt
Pinball Linen Shirt Sale price$345.00
Checkmate Silk ShirtCheckmate Silk Shirt
Checkmate Silk Shirt Sale price$495.00
Checkmate Linen PantCheckmate Linen Pant
Checkmate Linen Pant Sale price$345.00
Checkmate Linen ShirtCheckmate Linen Shirt
Checkmate Linen Shirt Sale price$345.00
Checkmate Linen ShirtdressCheckmate Linen Shirtdress
Checkmate Linen Shirtdress Sale price$565.00
Sold outPinball SundressPinball Sundress
Pinball Sundress Sale price$595.00
Pinball ShirtdressPinball Shirtdress
Pinball Shirtdress Sale price$695.00
Jackpot Denim JacketJackpot Denim Jacket
Jackpot Denim Jacket Sale price$695.00
Constance ShirtConstance Shirt
Constance Shirt Sale price$595.00
Constance PantConstance Pant
Constance Pant Sale price$395.00
Pinball T-ShirtPinball T-Shirt
Pinball T-Shirt Sale price$225.00
Strike Patchwork Stripe ShirtStrike Patchwork Stripe Shirt
Checkmate Pouch
Checkmate Pouch Sale price$145.00
Checkmate Oversized ToteCheckmate Oversized Tote
Checkmate Oversized Tote Sale price$295.00
Sold outPlayers PouchPlayers Pouch
Players Pouch Sale price$145.00
Strike Embroidered Midi DressStrike Embroidered Midi Dress
Rummy ShortRummy Short
Rummy Short Sale price$395.00
Rummy Mini DressRummy Mini Dress
Rummy Mini Dress Sale price$495.00
Rummy ShirtdressRummy Shirtdress
Rummy Shirtdress Sale price$625.00
Rummy Pool DressRummy Pool Dress
Rummy Pool Dress Sale price$495.00
Arcade ShirtdressArcade Shirtdress
Arcade Shirtdress Sale price$495.00
Arcade Mini DressArcade Mini Dress
Arcade Mini Dress Sale price$465.00
Sold outArcade Midi DressArcade Midi Dress
Arcade Midi Dress Sale price$465.00
Rollers ShirtRollers Shirt
Rollers Shirt Sale price$425.00
Rollers PantRollers Pant
Rollers Pant Sale price$495.00
Sold outSave $139.00Clam Embroidered ShirtClam Embroidered Shirt
Clam Embroidered Shirt Sale price$556.00 Regular price$695.00
Save $69.00Porcelain Silk ShortsPorcelain Silk Shorts
Porcelain Silk Shorts Sale price$276.00 Regular price$345.00
Save $160.00Rhonda ShirtdressRhonda Shirtdress
Rhonda Shirtdress Sale price$635.00 Regular price$795.00
Save $30.00Sofie ShortSofie Short
Sofie Short Sale price$295.00 Regular price$325.00
Sold outDisco Daisy ShirtDisco Daisy Shirt
Disco Daisy Shirt Sale price$325.00
Save $139.00Paradiso Shirt DressParadiso Shirt Dress
Paradiso Shirt Dress Sale price$556.00 Regular price$695.00
Save $99.00Paradiso Silk PantParadiso Silk Pant
Paradiso Silk Pant Sale price$396.00 Regular price$495.00
Save $93.00Paradiso Silk ShirtParadiso Silk Shirt
Paradiso Silk Shirt Sale price$372.00 Regular price$465.00
Save $119.00Hotel Lamu Spliced ShirtdressHotel Lamu Spliced Shirtdress
Hotel Lamu Spliced Shirtdress Sale price$476.00 Regular price$595.00
Save $275.00Dimi Cut Out Jacquard Midi DressDimi Cut Out Jacquard Midi Dress
Dimi Cut Out Jacquard Midi Dress Sale price$350.00 Regular price$625.00